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Hey! This isFarid Akhavan

Farid is a SysAdmin is learning to become a DevOps has exprience with Virtualization Hypervisors also has done some work about Social Media Marketing

about Farid

My Story

As a person who got interested in Computers since the first moment he laid eyes on it, I chose it to be my field of study and profession. After trying several different fields, I finally got hooked up with Linux and Windows System Administration and tried to innovate some traditionally done processes such as Hypervisor Managment Automation as a new Hosting-Startup.
And the story continues... :)

My Main Skills



Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisors



Farid's resume


2014 - Present

Bachelor of Computer Engineering - University of Tabriz

Having the freedom to choose almost any university to continue my higher education, I decided to stay at my hometown to be able to focus more on my career.

2010 - 2014

Math & Physics GED - Shahid Madani Exceptional Talents High School

Finished the four-year high school in the best high school of city.


July 2018 - Present

Python Developer & Big Data Analyst - Huawei Technologies

Working on the Huawei's Customer Experience Management project for MTN Irancell, country's second largest telecommunications company that operates 2G-3G-4G-4.5G mobile network. Creating Python scripts and programs for Automatic Report Creation via Pandas, Data Visualization via Matplotlib and Tableau and Big Data Management via Hadoop APIs. Also Big Data Mining on query results from the MTN Subscriber’s data to enhance the network.

May 2017 - Present

Co-Founder - SarvData

Having the idea of creating something different for the hosting business in Iran which still dwells on 2010s technologies, we made our own platform which automates Setup, Delivery, Rebuilding, Renewing and Deletion of Virtual Private Servers on a Hypervisor.

Aug 2017 - Nov 2017

System Administrator (Part-time Contractor) - Qonqa

I joined the leading startup in the city on their first anniversary and tried to containerize their platform to micro-services using technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible/Chef.

Jun 2016 - May 2017

System Administrator - NiraCloud

I helped the company at Rebranding, VMware ESXI Virtualization, Marketing Through Online & Offline Channels, Daily Customer Support and System Administration for both our systems and the clients' which made me learn and use Enterprise Solutions and Technologies.

Dec 2015 - Aug 2016

System Administrator & IT Consultant (Remote Working Job) - KianFit

Providing technology-related advises, services and suggestions to the Toronto-based company from abroad. During the time, I got the opportunity to acquire so many skills such as System Administration, Social Media Marketing, HTML/CSS, Wordpress development and so many other skills that a modern business requires.

Brainstorm ideas

Research & Develop

Launch & Deliver

Farid's Services

System Administrator

If you have web application running on a server and you want someone to monitor, improve, secure and develop the infrastructure, I might be the man!

Infrastructure Development

If you have large size application/startup with tons of daily API calls and you are thinking of applying new technologies such as Docker, I might be able to help or consult!

Server & Hosting

If you are in need of a VPS or a Dedicated Server for personal or enterprise uses and you want to have the most comfortable experience, I can help you!

Social Media Marketing

If you are desperate at working on your Instagram and not getting any results and you want some automation on the job, I would be able to help!